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Picking Your Wedding Music – Modern vs Oldies

When picking your wedding music there are many considerations.  One of them is how far back in history do you want to go to ensure that everyone’s fancies are met? If one were to pick up the oldest book they

Where To See Live Music in Toronto

As a member of one of Toronto’s best wedding bands that also happens to play many clubs around the city, I thought I would share my thoughts on the best placed so see live music in Toronto. Some of our friends

How To Choose Your Wedding Music

In this post my goal is to help you simplify your wedding planning with my lessons of how to choose your wedding music that I have learned as a Toronto wedding musician. So it’s one month before your wedding day

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How To Make Sure Your Toronto Wedding Band Sounds Great

    If someone tells you size doesn’t matter when it comes to your wedding band, then you can be sure you are not getting an expert opinion.  Size matters a lot, but please don’t get me wrong.  Bigger is

4 Ways To Pick The Right Wedding Band

  Ok I know this sounds a little suspect coming from a wedding band.  I mean, we’re obviously biased right?… The truth is that it’s in our best interest to help you find the right band quicker so that we

Give Us 15 Minutes – We’ll Give You The Best Horah You’ve Ever Seen

  When did Jewish music become synonymous with cheesy, groove-less and boring? If someone who was used to attending Jewish weddings in Toronto were to go to Israel with the goal of crashing 20 weddings that person could hear 20

How To Make Sure Your Flash Mob Works

  I have to admit, I like the flash mob thing. It’s really cool and it can make an event very memorable and it seems to have hit the Jewish wedding scene in Toronto in a big way. They can