Picking Your Wedding Music – Modern vs Oldies

When picking your wedding music there are many considerations. ¬†One of them is how far back in history do you want to go to ensure that everyone’s fancies are met?

If one were to pick up the oldest book they could find under the sun, they would in all likelihood be picking up a copy of none other than the bible itself. The Old Testament. A picture of the beginning of history from the creation of the world.

One of the beautiful things pointed out very early in the book of genesis was the creation of music. A man named Yuval was the first to create a musical instrument and thus, the beginning of music is almost as long as the history or mankind itself.

So the question begs. Have we evolved in our understanding, feel, taste and love for music or have we gone the other way? One can definitely argue on both sides of the fence. There are still wonderful classical musicians out there, playing the violin and cello and conductors conducting very difficult pieces of complex music. Every year on the TV series “American Idol” or “X Factor” a new crop of tremendous singers hit the stage, reminding me yet again of the amazingly talented people spread throughout the world. Technology has also advanced giving us the ability to create better instruments that sound better and we are littered with resources to always find what we’re looking for whether you’re a musician as your trade or merely a connoisseur of music.

On the over hand, the music of yesteryear seems to be something many people just can’t let to of. The love people still have for their favourite 80’s bands like U2, Bon Jovi and Journey is still very strong. 70’s bands like the Eagles, CSN and solo artists like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell still have their timeless tunes swirling in the hearts and minds of millions worldwide. Then we can continue even further back and hit up the lovers of Motown music, soul back to Smokey Robinson and Sam Cooke. Going back to the 50’s we have Elvis Presley who might have been the greatest rock star the world ever saw and will ever see. Then we can go back outside of our century to Beethoven, Bach and Brahms. The killer B’s!

I’m not sure if there could ever be a clear answer on his question as music always seems to be a very subjective subject. Personally, my old soul always leans toward the older stuff as I think the music was more well thought out back then and the timelessness of so much music from the last 50 years is proof to me that they had something real special back then. I’m not sure any music of today will be around in 50 years but I’m almost certain that somewhere in the world, there will be an Eagles song or Motown song being played.

Whatever your taste is, if you’re looking for a wedding band in Toronto then contact us.