Music Lovers Connected

This blog post goes out to all the music lovers out there.

Part of me is jealous of rock writers and music critics in general. Kinda like the movie “Almost Famous” which is based on the teenage life of filmmaker Cameron Crowe, who is actually married to Nancy Wilson of the great female rock band, “Heart.” The character in the movie’s name is ‘William Miller.’ An over achieving teenage nerd with stars in his eyes and dreams of writing articles about the music he admired so much. To me, this movie is what represents those who absolutely live and breathe music from the bottom of their souls. I find myself tearing up in many parts of this movie as Crowe’s ability to soften your heart while laughing your head off is uncanny. Miller gets his opportunity to live inside the world of rock n’ roll while travelling around with the fictitious band ‘Stillwater’ where he learns about the realities of the rock world and the life in the fast lane that he was ill prepared for. While the turmoil of relationships and difficulty with ego’s and women are one of the great lessons of this movie, the bottom line is the way the movie ends with his first and last interview with one of the band members. Miller says “Russell, what is it that you love about music?” Russell answers “Well, to begin. EVERYTHING.”

One of the saddest thing’s in today’s crazy paced world is our inability to appreciate the most precious and wonderful things in life. Music being the one thing almost all of us have in common. We’re busy and bombarded with real life pressures and obligations with families, relationships, jobs and financial burdens. Because of all of this stuff we often times fail to stay connected with that inner youthfulness that is inside of all of us. That part of us who still remembers the ‘good ol’ days’ is our lifeline to this world and the part of us that keeps our soul happy and vibrant.

To me, great music is the key to life. Whether it’s listening to the radio in your car, enjoying a night out on the town listening to a great live band, or appreciating a talented wedding band, we should always be constantly engaged in our connection to music. Without it, we just become another statistic.

If you feel like you’ve lost your connection to this area in your life, I highly suggest you watch this movie. Once you hear those great old tunes from the old days, it’s sure to awaken the music lovers within you. The music in this movie is absolutely stellar. The Byrds, Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel, Iggy Pop, and a slew of other great stuff. Let alone the brilliant acting by Kate Hudson who plays the young girl trying to live an escapists dream life on the road with a rock band, I say this has gotta be one of my favourite music pictures of all time.

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