How to Make Your Wedding Night Last

If you’re like most couples soon to be married you’re probably caught up in the whimsical and emotional count down to the big day.  This blog post is dedicated to making sure the romance of your wedding night lasts for the rest of your lives.

I’m not one to get political. Actually, yes I am. But because things have gotten shall we say, a little bit chaotic when it comes to people and their political beliefs, I think I’ll just stay mum on my own personal opinion and just spew out a few useless facts about the world we live in. For some strange reason unbeknownst to me, marriages these days have become expendable. Divorce is now becoming a little too popular throughout the world and the numbers continue to grow. A sad situation indeed. So the question begs as to why this is going on.

Many suggest the possibility that our grandparents and great grandparents only managed to stay together for their entire lives because divorce wasn’t popular in those days. People argue that their quality of relationship was just as lousy as the failed marriages of today, but since it wasn’t a ‘fad’ to get divorced and those surrounding would look down on them, they decided to stick with their miserable sham of a marriage rather than deal with embarrassment or scorn from their neighbors.

I will argue that this reasoning is untrue. The older generations had a certain understanding that we in our days seem to be lacking. The concept they understood about all aspects of life is that nothing good can come without HARD WORK. They worked hard at their jobs, whether they were big or small and they took that attitude into marriage and parenting as well. In our days we expect things to come easy, without hard work and everything should just fall into place the way we want it and if things don’t go our way, we throw whatever it is that is annoying us or getting in our way of living happily into the sea.

I firmly believe that marriages and weddings can have the same value as the marriages of yester year. The beauty of meeting that one special person is so hard to find, one can’t help but view this union as a great miracle of life. I mean, think about it. Day after day you can walk the streets of Toronto and see so many beautiful women, too many to count. Yet, you could meet all of those women and none of them will be right. There’s only ONE special someone that is right. When that person is found, ‘you better hang on tooth and nail’ as Don Henley says in the song “New York Minute.” We must cherish and appreciate this gift we’ve been given from up above and celebrate it with the most memorable event we can conjure up.

With all of this knowledge we have now and all of our inspiration that love is real and a blissful life really does exist, if we let it exist and make it exist, now we can start thinking about planning a beautiful wedding in the most beautiful setting with all of our beloved friends and family, flowers, food, drinks and of course, fantastic music from the best wedding band money can buy. The more you put in, the more you get out. Life is all about attitude. A great yiddish saying is ‘tracht gut, vet zayin gut,’ which means ‘think good and it will be good.’

We must realize that true love is still real and romance needs to be recognized as a must in order to preserve the soul of mankind. We need beauty through music and art, for this is what keeps reminding us of who we really are while we are bombarded with the modern world and new ideas. Ideas that seem to have put us in a city that is undergoing constant construction in the name of ‘progress.’ We should never allow ourselves to be reeled in by this beast and thus forget the most simple and beautiful things this world has to offer.

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