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Planning a Holiday Wedding – Things to consider

A holiday wedding can not only be incredibly beautiful but it can also make travelling a little easier for your out of town guests who will usually have an easier time taking some time work.  That said, it can come

A Short List of First Dance Wedding Songs – Toronto Wedding Band Blog

If you are about to get married and still trying to pick your first dance wedding songs then I hope our short list helps steer you in the right direction. Of course, like most people I think of the bride

How to Stay Warm this Winter with Music in Toronto

The winter blues are fastly approaching which leads many of us into a new state of being. Those warm and sweltering summer days have been put away for another year. The golf clubs are stored away until be spring and

How to Arrange Music for Your Wedding

Trying to figure out how to arrange music for your wedding might seem pretty simple before you actually learn all the options you have in front of you. There are so many ways to skin this cat but I hope

How to Make Your Wedding Night Last

If you’re like most couples soon to be married you’re probably caught up in the whimsical and emotional count down to the big day.  This blog post is dedicated to making sure the romance of your wedding night lasts for the

Music Lovers Connected

This blog post goes out to all the music lovers out there. Part of me is jealous of rock writers and music critics in general. Kinda like the movie “Almost Famous” which is based on the teenage life of filmmaker

How to Ensure You Hired the Best Wedding Band

If you’re like most people who have hired a band for your wedding you probably did your best to ensure you hired the best wedding band you could have.  You probably spent some time doing so because you realize the

From the Subway to the Stage – Toronto Wedding Band Blog

As I sit in the train station waiting to busk and earn my daily bread, because I’m not performing with my Toronto wedding band tonight, I can’t help but think to myself “hey, this is a great idea for a

Wedding Band vs DJ

If you’re having a wedding in Toronto and are choosing between live music by a wedding band vs DJ music then this blog post if for you. As your wedding day approaches you must start getting serious and resourceful when

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Toronto Wedding Band – Top 10 Wedding Dance Songs

As a member of a Toronto wedding band one of my roles is to help couples make song choices for their wedding night.  In this blog post I’m going to focus on faster dance songs much like a previous post