How to Arrange Music for Your Wedding

Trying to figure out how to arrange music for your wedding might seem pretty simple before you actually learn all the options you have in front of you. There are so many ways to skin this cat but I hope to shed some light on this topic for you.

Any event for any evening is unique. A wedding is always a rare treat and the music that is provided is the deal maker of the evening. We must choose our music like we chose the hall for the wedding. There must be seriously deep thinking when it comes to what you want the stage to look like on your big night as that is where the majority of the attention will be focused on.
So many options, so little time.

What kind of music should there be? You could have a few string musicians playing at the reception for an hour with some nice jazz melodies or maybe a little classical to put all the guests into a peaceful and tranquil mood. Maybe forgo that and just play a backing track with some elevator music.

I personally enjoy seeing one of those whopping stand up bass’s being plucked on while you have a nice smooth jazz thing going on. It makes me feel like I’m in some 50’s nightclub, my hair glued over by the strongest hair gel known to man, a woman in some glittery dress, and of course some kind of smoking device like a cigar or cigarette to complete the mood. Of course, nowadays we can’t really smoke anywhere so I guess that whole vibe has been laid to rest.

The main event, however, is the dancing and dinner music. The options are also a plenty. Maybe a keyboard with all the fixin’s already programmed into his high tech instrument would do the trick while he belts out all the tunes without any additional band members. Maybe you could add a guitarist and some drums and you have a night.

These options could all work in reality. You and your guests might not walk away from this night thinking anything of the fact that the band was missing a few pieces.

To me, the main component to an awesome wedding band is the horn section. There should at least be a woodwind (usually sax) and one horn (trombone or trumpet) at every wedding. The reason being because the more full the sound, the more engaged the crowd will be and the more your well spent money will be used for people’s enjoyment as opposed to them calling it an early night due to boredom.

Horns have the ability to fill out the all encompassing sound of a great tune and bring it to its full peak. If the music being played at your wedding is of Motown nature, dance, soul or even rock n’ roll, a great horn section is what will complete the evening. You remember Huey Lewis and the news? Those were some great tunes all filled out with awesome horn lines.

When trying to arrange music for your wedding, make sure there’s a great horn section to go along with it. This will ensure you of having a wedding to remember.

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