How to Stay Warm this Winter with Music in Toronto

The winter blues are fastly approaching which leads many of us into a new state of being. Those warm and sweltering summer days have been put away for another year. The golf clubs are stored away until be spring and we’ve started accustoming ourselves to hat foul, he sweet stench of our old hockey equipment. ┬áIn comes the live music in Toronto to warm us up.

Interestingly enough, this is also the season where the music in Toronto starts to pick up. The open mics are jammed, bands are booking gigs non-stop and wedding bookings are really happening which means music in Toronto is really alive.

The reason everything picks up in the fall and winter is because summers are kind of designated as hibernation season. It’s the time families go up to cottages and musicians take some time to do more writing and prepping for their upcoming projects. My Facebook is constantly being flooded with show after show every single night of the week, so if you’re a night person this time of year should be most heavenly for you.

I’ve spoken before about some of the hot spots in town to see live music – and now I’ll let you in some of the best artists you should go and check out. Go to their Facebook page and ‘like’ them because you’ll find out about all of their shows through that. These are the artists I suggest:

JP Saxe – A serious up and coming singer-songwriter with a huge soulful voice will blow you away with his musicianship and brilliant songwriting abilities.

Christian Bridges – This artist will melt you with his great stage presence and vocal ability. A very unique songwriter with a unique sound, Christian is one we’ll all know of one day.

Jay Pollock – A real underrated artist because if his very humble demeanour, Jay’s guitar ability and song interpretation is bar none and I’ve seen very few around as good as him.

Others to check out: Phil Nozuka, Angela Saini, Victoria DiGiovanni, Eric Bleich, Erin Hunt, Dale Luarca and Denise Dunn.

In this big old city of ours the musical entertainment is never ending. These artists I’ve mentioned are only a few of the many who are out there and talented to the max.

So don’t be down about the winter and the damp cold. The great melodies of the music in Toronto will be bound to keep us warm until summertime.

Stay warm friends,