How to Ensure You Hired the Best Wedding Band

If you’re like most people who have hired a band for your wedding you probably did your best to ensure you hired the best wedding band you could have.  You probably spent some time doing so because you realize the entertainment is the most important element of your wedding party.  This blog post is meant to help you ensure you hired the best wedding band.

As a singer who performs at many weddings in Toronto, I’ve experienced a wide range of clients who have treated me very well and others I will kindly say the treatment I got was less than kind. Some folks will treat you like a king because you’re the entertainment for their evening and they want you to be aware of the fact that they appreciate having you as a part of their event. Others feel they’re doing you a favor by letting you perform at the event by paying you very little, complaining about the volume of the music, and not really caring if the band gets fed or not.

So what we see here are the two extremes of the way you can treat your band. I will tell you exactly what kind of mentality you should have when you hire a band for your wedding:

Firstly, the band is HIRED HELP. We are employees for the evening, first and foremost. We are there to do a job, to do it well with professionalism and class. This is normal for any quality wedding band that is committed to their craft. A client should expect the band to be well dressed, well groomed and well prepared musically for the evening.

But like any decent employers, a client should be careful to treat their band very well in order to ensure they get their full money’s worth. Some problems that could occur if the music and the artists are taken for granted is negligence in the sound system by providing a less that adequate sound man, to an annoying and rude wedding planner, to downright starvation. Yes! Even though its rarely happened that I haven’t gotten food at a wedding, it can and has happened and is a sure fire disaster situation if your band is hungry and cranky.

So I think the best way to view all of this is with a very balanced approach. On the one hand, make sure your band is made up of highly skilled pros who you know can get the job done and avert any possible musical disasters. These musicians are fully aware of their obligation to look good, sound good and ahemmmmm, stay away from the bar!

Make sure you treat them kindly. In this regard, a little goes a very long way.  Musicians are a funny bunch, we’re rather sensitive and it doesn’t take much to make us feel like you appreciate our art. The smallest gesture will ensure the band will play their hearts out late into the night and be the best wedding band you could have ever hired.

If you are looking for a wedding band in Toronto contact us.  We’d love to be the best wedding band you could have hired 🙂